Clinical Support Tools

Product Overview

CSTools provides a MOCHA compliant RESTful web services interface that performs clinical screens for VISTA. It provides complete medication order checks without relying on expensive, proprietary components.

  MOCHA CSTools v2.0 CSTools v3.0
Server Options Oracle Weblogic Application Server Jboss, Wildfly Same as 2.0
Database Options Proprietary - Oracle, Cache` Open Source - PostgresSQL, MySQL Same as 2.0
FDB Licenses Required NDDF, Drug Information Framework NDDF NDDF Plus
Clinical Screenings Powered By Drug Information Framework CSTools JAVA classes Same as 2.0
Clinical Screenings Available Drug-Drug, Duplicate Therapy, Dose Range Check Drug-Drug, Duplicate Therapy, Dose Range Check Same as 2.0. PLUS Drug-Disease Contraindications, Pregnancy Precautions, Pediatric Precautions, and Geriatric Precautions
Development Needed While source code is freely available, MOCHA requires significant development by your team in order to operate. No development is needed to make CSTools operational with a Cache` based VISTA installation. GT.M VISTA installations are supported with modifications which can be obtained from the VISTA Expertise Network. Additional VISTA modifications are required to support the 3.0 modules. These modifications may be obtained from the VISTA Expertise Network.

The CSTools interface is supported by Red Hat's JBOSS Application Server and provides much more flexibility when selecting database technology to suit your facility's needs. CSTools can support open source databases such as PostgresSQL or MySQL in addition to proprietary databases such as Oracle.

The Freedom Of Information Act (FIOA) release of the VISTA MOCHA interface utilizes the proprietary Weblogic Application Server, as well as Oracle and Cache` Databases. Both CSTools and MOCHA require FDB's National Drug Data File (NDDF) as a reference for clinical screening information. However, MOCHA is dependent upon FDB's licensed Drug Information Framework application to perform clinical screening tasks. A series of our clinical screening JAVA classes, built with open source products, replace FDB's Drug Information Framework in CSTools. Licensing of FDB's NDDF, utilized by a production server, is based upon the facility's number of patient beds.

Contact us to create a CSTools deployment tailored and priced to meet your needs.